Femininity is layered


Ashton Barber

Ashton Barber is a graduating fourth year fashion design student at Ryerson University. She has a focus on illustration and lingerie design. Starting to develop an artistic interest at a very young age, being able to truly explore her interest in the fine arts through high school. This interest in the fine arts and how it could be applied to everyday usage lead to a strong interest in fashion design.

She was elated to be selected for the international exchange program which allowed her to have a new perspective on fashion design and development. This different environment gave more focus to new technologies, sustainable practices and designing for positive social impacts.

Ashton Barber looks forward to the next few years, hoping to gain traction around a small lingerie brand she is developing, whilst also taking courses both domestically and internationally to further her knowledge of fashion techniques and fashion business practices.


Ashton has be quoted in Ryerson Universities Eye opener article “MASS EXODUS 2019 COLLECTIONS SHAKE UP THE GENDER BINARY” about her current collection which can be found below:

She can always be contacted through social media or email: navinaintimates@gmail.com